Hi, I’m Anshu

I'm honoured to have you here

I am a Mom, wife, special needs teacher, chai lover, human empowerment advocate, Conscious Parenting and Breathwork Coach. I am here to support you in your journey of transformation; to provide you with guidance, knowledge and tools that helps in releasing blocks so that you can lead a conscious life and create harmonious relationships.


My Journey Of Conscious Breathing

As soon as I started working with my breath consciously, I became aware of my thoughts, feelings, memories, limiting beliefs and patterns that were not aligned with my true self. Even though I had tried different methods of yoga and meditation earlier to process my negative emotions and traumas, breathwork allowed me to release energy blockages that had been unconsciously residing in my body.

Once those energies were released, I started experiencing the flow of life force and abundance in my personal, professional and spiritual life. This transformation gave me a purpose of taking this phenomenal life-transforming tool to the world and helping people live a vibrant, joyful and intentional life.

My Journey of
Conscious Parenting

Our children are our awakeners, our greatest teachers. I learnt this the hard way during my transition from unconscious to conscious parenting.

As my daily battles and conflicts with my teenage son grew, so did my frustrations, anger, helplessness, and anxiety. I was losing as a parent, desperately searching for some comfort and solace. This is how my journey of conscious parenting began, where I no longer needed to scream, yell, react or retaliate at every conflict, disobedience, or disagreement. I started to honour my son just the way he was, without any agendas or expectations. 

My parenting shifted from correction to connection, judgement to empathy, and control to partnership. I now honour my children for who they are as I let go of my own fears, limiting beliefs, cultural conditioning, and unmet expectations. I feel so free within myself. This has completely transformed my relationship with myself, my children and the world around me. Every day is a blessing, and I am grateful to the universe for having found this path. Now, I am on the mission of helping parents move from conflicts to connection, confusion to clarity, and from conventional to conscious parenting.

What My Family Says

Some doors only open from inside, Breath is a way of accessing that door.

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