My Story

Before Anshu, the Coach, there was Anshu, the Victim. This is my Transformation Story.

I grew up in a traditional and conditioned culture, where the woman was solely responsible for the success of marriage and divorce was a stigma. When my parents got separated, society made us feel abandoned and unaccepted. Numbing down these fears, I got married. But the Universe brought me exactly what I was running away from. The father of my biological children left us. I was just in my twenties, with two very young children. I was broken- Financially, Emotionally and Spiritually.

The wound is the place where light enters you.   ~ Rumi

A long Journey of struggle, rejection, realisation and healing followed; Light Entered. I was healing when I met my soulmate; my loving husband embraced me, my children, and my truth unconditionally. But I still had some acceptance to do. I was still hiding a part of myself, fearing shame, judgement and criticism. Today after more than half a decade of inner work, Breath work and mindfulness I am empowered and ready to let go of every conditioned and limiting belief that had been holding me back.

No more holding, No more denial, No more hiding behind the comfort of Victimhood. Today I feel free; I feel reunited with my true self.

I shared my story to inspire and empower those still carrying the burden of their past and holding back from unleashing their true potential.

I invite you on the journey of transformation, freedom and abundanc


My Story

Since my childhood I grew up with a sense of victimhood towards myself and resentment towards my dominating father. I carried the burden of his expectations and demands through regular punishments; however he always told me how much he loves me and wants best for me, I believed that undoubtedly. When my father was diagnosed with Parkinsons and dementia, I thought I would never be able to tell him how I felt all my life and the impact of his strict regime shaped my personality. Which also impacted my parenting behaviour towards my children.

This is when my transformation journey began, I did Breathwork, inner work and healing. Working with Breath consciously helped me to let go of the victim mentality, build self confidence, disrupt old limiting beliefs and eventually reclaim my true self back; a self which operates from an abundant mindset and experiences true freedom within


My Why

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In my father’s final moments, my father went into a coma; at this point a message came to me through a friend that my father is waiting and needs to hear something from me. In my heart I knew it and I called India and asked to put the phone on a speaker close to his ears. This is what I said to him.

“Papa you know I used to feel very hurt when you beat me up but I also know that you wanted the best for me and you didn’t know any other way. You did the best you knew at that time. I forgive you and please don’t carry any burden. You are a good father, you only did what you knew at that time”.

As I spoke these words, I was told my father had a few tears rolling down his eyes, which tells me he heard me. What happened after that is truly beyond the understanding of this physical reality. As soon as I put the phone down, my phone rang and I was told “papa’s spirit had left his body, the very moment I spoke those words to him”.

This profound experience helped me to find my calling, my purpose in life. I am on this path of conscious parenting and Breathwork coaching to help people in releasing their childhood wounds and traumas, long lasting grief and resentments so that they lead a conscious life and create a harmonious and sustainable society.


Some doors only open from inside, Breath is a way of accessing that door.

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