Conscious Parenting

Joyful Parents,
Cheerful Children

The art of conscious parenting is rooted in educating and empowering parents to raise confident and cheerful children.


Do you feel lost or a failure in your parenting Journey?

I am a certified conscious parenting coach. My work is dedicated to educating and empowering parents in transforming their relationships with their children from confrontation to compassion, mindless to mindfulness and enraged to empathic.

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Connect With Yourself
to connect with your Children

Until we understand exactly how we have been operating in an unconscious mode, we tend to resist opening ourselves to an approach to conscious parenting that rests on entirely different ideals in comparison to traditional parenting. Conscious parenting is a newly evolved method of parenting that turns traditional and hierarchical parenting into harmonious parenting.

Conscious Parents

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To create an environment of wholeness and mindfulness to raise a child who responds to life challenges with curiosity, excitement and a sense of reverent engagement

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