Why Breathwork?

Because 95% of what inspires our thoughts, behaviors, actions, feelings and emotions are a product of our subconscious, which we are not even consciously aware of. It has been said that as much as 80% of our subconscious thoughts and mental programming is limiting in nature; negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, cycles of self-sabotage, etc.

In the Breathwork session we tap into the realm where these shadow aspects of your Self lurk located and bring them to the surface where we can reframe and reprogram these aspects of your psyche that are holding you back from living out your life as your most empowered and true self.

Let’s come together and heal old wounds that are the ultimate cause of so much of our stress, anxiety and daily struggles. On the other side of this experience lies a sense of liberation and freedom beyond anything you could possibly imagine. The ultimate letting go and reset.

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As a Certified Breathwork Coach

I will guide you by: