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Breathwork is a journey of transformation. Breathwork exercises involve breathing in a conscious  way that allows you to release blocks, enhance awareness and perception so you can live the way you truly want. 

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Learn to engage your breath consciously and unlock great sense of peace and well-being.

TransformatioN Stories

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for taking me on this journey.. You were so calm and your voice was so soothing and everything was so clearly explained.. As we started the practice, it took me a few seconds to catch the rhythm but once I got the rhythm, I felt like I was floating. My monkey mind is still very quiet. My body feels so good. I know I cried and screamed, while doing that I could feel something just got out of my body. I danced with my son after the session. I cannot say thank you enough for giving me a chance to experience this beautiful journey. I would like to explore further.
Madhavi Bahia
First, I would like to thank you for guiding me through the blissful experience. During my practice today, I felt my body sensation which was a beautiful moment. I can’t feel anything, even my mind, which is always going on. In the middle of practice, I felt some release, making me cry. In the end, I was empty and peaceful. Once again, thanks, Anshu, for this beautiful journey.
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Indu Shukla
I have been meditating for half a decade, but I have never experienced such a quick and safest method to release all the emotional blocks. Before my session with Anshu, I had been feeling low due to some recent unpleasant events. During the session, I legit experience the release of those unwanted emotions. Its been three days today, and I am still feeling blissful and have already incorporated these breathwork practices into my meditation routine. Thank You, Anshu, for introducing me to such a powerful tool. I want to explore more.​

Transformational Journeys

Transformation Stories

Hi, I'm Anshu

I am a conscious parenting and breathwork coach. I am on a mission of empowering people with coaching and breathing exercises that help them to become true versions of themselves.

I create a calm, composed  and safe place where you can express yourself, let go of all fears and reclaim your true self.

3 Signs You need Breathwork

Release Stress

You want to release negative thoughts and live a happy life.

Enhance Awareness

You want to increase confidence and self-esteem.

Slow Down Overthinking

You want to take charge of your mind and improve focus.

Some doors only open from inside, Breath is a way of accessing that door.

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